Curry Guru

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Welcome on CurryGuru BFG.

At first i will tell you a little bit about me.

My background: I have served in the British Army for 22 year and have an Indian background. My last 3 years of the services was spent as the Officers' mess Manager and whilst serving in 7 Transport Regiment I was also the Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' mess Manager. I have passion for "Good Fresh Food" which is not easily available. Even restaurant food is not always palatable There was one question continually asked of me by the troops "H. do you know any good Indian restaurants?"

My successes: I was approached by the Families Officer(a former Catering Warrant Officer) to arrange speical course and teach Indian cookery to the wives club, and have been doing this for some time. He was aware I was stationed at St Omer Army School of Catering as both Troop Sergeant and SQMS. Whilst at the school i also successfully completed a Gurkha cookery course.

As we are all aware, the national most popular British dish is now curry. So due to demand, I have produced the recipe book with the kind help of Media Ops BFG photography section and G6 BFG Design and publishing department.

While working on JHQ I had run evening Indian cookery Demonstration class for the members of the forces community with a great success.

My regular services: Due to demand and the high quality of my Indian food i am now providing the following services:

   Party services for Mess/Clubs/Departmental functions.
   Meals for Pub night.
   Private parties with cooking demonstration (set menu only)
   Indian & Chinese BBQ (summers or winter).
   Spices & Fresh Herbs for sale